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Contact us
Seelam Nukaraju Complex Road,
Katari Gadens, Rajahmundry-3.
Ph: 0883 – 2477770, 2477779.
Fax: 0883 – 2437488
E-Mail: info@bollinenihospital.com
At Bollineni hospital, we have a very skilled team of anesthisiologists who handle every type of surgical procedure with dedication and care. Our team of anesthesiolgists form the core foundation of all our surgical procedures which we offer to our patients.

We perform the following services under our anesthesiolgy department which serve as a backbone for our various surgical processes which are peformed across the hospital.

Regional Anesthesia
We perform regional anesthesia services for patients who requre localized surgeries in various parts of the body. Our skilled team in the Anesthesia department has performed hundereds of anesthesia operations which have been sucesfully concluded due their skill and expertise.
Pre operative Anesthisiology support
Pre operative Anesthisiolgy support is provided for all our patients who undergo various types of surgeries and medical procedures. Every type of pre-operative anesthisiolgy support is provided using advanced equipment and a set of highly skilled anesthisioligists who excel at their commitment and excellence to perform to the best of their abilities.
Post Operative Anesthisiolgy Support
Every complex sugery requires the skills of a post operative anesthisolgist who can handle the recovery of the patient and help them overcome the pain of surgery. Our skilled anesthisits are able to help patients get the best care and post operative treatment which they can find in any hospital.
A strong team within the anesthisiology department is a critical element which aids in the smooth functioning of various other departments in the hospital. We have taken a great amount of care in placing the right experts who handle this complex task with finessse and perfection.