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General Medicine
Bollineni hospital provides a high standard of general medical services which are available for patients across all levels. Our specialists are highly trained in handling various types of fevers, body aches, minor injuries, allergies etc. We have a well stocked pharmacy which supports our patients with the best medication available for treating their general medicine disorders.
We provide the following services under general medicine
  • Treatment of various types of eating disorders
  • Pre and post surgical care procedures
  • Treatment of common infections
  • Handling various types of burn injuries and chemical rashes
  • Treatment of inflammations and severe allergy conditions
Our general medicine department also handles any type of specific conditions which are not handled by any other department. Patients are assured of a very high quality of treatment when they approach bollineni hospital for their various generic treatments which they require for common ailments.
Our general medicine department is headed by highly experienced medical practitioners who have wide ranging experience in every type of general medical ailments which commonly occur in patients. This experience helps them treat patients with utmost care and helps them recover in a very short period of time through various advanced remedies.