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Our ICCU unit at Bollineni Hospital is a world class unit which is designed with a capacity of 15 beds. World class facilities are backed by excellent staff who offer their total commitment to delivering the best patient experience at all times.

Designed to offer a highly sterile environment which is maintained with clinical precision, our ICCU units are equipped with the best facilities and equipment which can be found in any hospital in Andhra Pradesh.

Some of our facilities include
  • Centralized Monitoring System
  • Agilent make, multichannel monitors
  • HP brand Codemaster
  • Ventilators from Siemens
  • Syringe pumps and nebuilisor pumps from Medal
All our ICCU services function round the clock and provide critical care to patients at all times. We handle various types of emergency cases which require immediate attention for critical treatment to save the lives of patients.